We love love love Rodrigo Moratto here at EQ and we really won’t stop talking about him until most of you love him as well.  Rodrigo is an amazing performer and a true musician and that’s what I really admire about him.

I’m so excited to be bringing him back to EQ Live on Monday, September 20th right before he returns back to his home country Brazil where he will be working on finishing up his English language debut electro-pop album “Budz In A Sound Drop” as well as working on a new Portugese album that his international fanbase are dying for. 

We got some exclusive new tracks for you to listen to called “Petrified” and “Emotional Roller Coaster” and if are feeling a bit “Sexual”, then head on over to EQ Trax to download the sticky, hot moist track of the same name…


“Emotional Roller Coaster”