Yes EQs – once again, EQ Live will be taking over Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch, London tonight for another fun-filled evening of hot pop, electro and nu-retro disco goodness from 8pm with myself and the strikingly handsome and talented DJ Adamix spinning tunes for a FREE-for-all until 1am in the morning!

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We'll also be entertained by the awesomeness knows as The Funktuary who will be performing an exclusive set for EQ which also includes their hot track "House On The Hill" which you can hear below.  The track has been as staple tune that we've been playing at EQ Live for quite awhile now.

I asked Andreas of The Funktuary to describe the track for us and this is what he had to say…

"House On The Hill", was a song I originally started writing with Chipmunk collaborator Loick Essien. The song is loosely based on an Anna Nicole Smith type of character , I.E. a girl from a not so privileged background who fights her way to money and celebrity status by marrying a rich man. She uses any trick to get what she wants, and finally gets there, but only to realise that it actually hasn't sorted out her life or made her more happy, and it all ends very tragic. I had a backing track that Loick thought was great and we came up with the first verse and chorus melody and lyrics together…..whereafter we got stuck.
We met up a couple of times and tried to write the second verse without any luck.
In the end I suggested we get Joe Killington in to help us, and Joe and I wrote the lyrics to the second verse, and the lyrics and melody for the Mid 8 part, the one that goes:

"Took a shot in the dark, of a queen on a throne all alone getting stoned. Took a walk in the park, saw the prince playing hangman with needles and the king counted gold…"

I am really into writing lyrics. Sometimes I can spend ages on doing it, and I'm really proud of this one."