A note from Raj Rudolph

That’s right EQs, we’ve been wanting to launch a teen site for awhile now which focuses more on quick and snappy content for our younger readers, so well, we just did it and it’s live – go check it out!

JaviHow is this all changing?  Well www.electroqueer.com now points to our Tumblr site which will feature more popular mainstream musicians written from a young gay perspective and operated by our very own Javi Lopez

If you were a fan of Smash Hits, BOP or XY magazines back in the day (I know, some of you may be going WHAT?!), our aim is to bring some of that nostalgic fun teen content into the here and now with the newly relaunched Electroqueer.  Javi is obsessed with Tumblr, so were sure you’ll love what he’s got brewing up!

Is EQ Music Blog changing?  No way!  www.EQmusicblog.com will remain the same with more focus on editorial content and new artist discovery for our more grown-up readers.  We know you like EQ for what it is already, so we are simply just creating another hangout for the younger readers who are embracing the quick pace of Tumblr to share content with each other.  If you have a Tumblr, make sure to follow and reblog our posts – we are really looking forward to mixing it up with the Tumblr community!

And that’s it really – we hope you enjoy the new www.electroqueer.com and well, if teen music content really isn’t your cup o tea – not to fret, you can just continue reading EQ right here.  Or if you like all sorts of music (and really, we know you do because you read EQ) then well – enjoy the newly relaunched Electroqueer!