Hello EQs.

Just a little tech update on EQ. 

Twitter_url If you aren't following us on TWITTER – then you most certainly should be.  Just another way to stalk us really.  Click the little birdy to follow us around in Twitterville.

Also since I've pretty much concluded that TypePad comments totally blow burrito chunks, I'm mega excited to announce that you can now leave comments using Facebook Connect !!! 

Just why am I so excited about this you ask?  Well basically you can leave a comment now by simply signing into Facebook in the comment area and it's all linked back to your Profile and any comments you make can be published on your Facebook profile, enabling a more rich discussion which is great if you're a massive Facebooker like EQ is.  All the comments lately about EQ just end up on Facebook nowadays anyways, so why not just use it to comment – makes sense.

Also you can leave video comments now too – I haven't really tested it out, but if someone wants to give it a go – you'd totally make my millenium.  Try it by leaving a comment now!