There is only one band at the moment that I STAN HARD for and that is The Young Professionals. Last month TYP debuted their live show in Paris to the record-buying public and although Paris is not one of my favorite cities, I hopped on the Eurostar and made the 3 hour trek to catch what was promising to be one amazing live show from this buzz band that is making serious waves right now in electronic pop.

Why do I love TYP so much? They are the new Pet Shop Boys – simply put. Their album "9am to 5pm, 5pm To Whenever" is one of the most innovative and fresh sounding albums to emerge this year and there isn't a day that has gone by in the last 12 months that I haven't listened to it.

Despite the fact that the band are just achingly cool, nerdy and geek fabulous all wrapped up into one almighty pop package, TYP songs just resonate honesty, innovation and a worldly charm that is rarely captured these days with major label pop signings. They make real pop with feelings that goes beyond the normal "let's write songs on trend" sort of radio crap that is being churned out these days.

After their show in Paris (my mind was blown – yes indeed), I sat down with Ivri Lider, Johnny Goldstein and Uriel Yakutiel (complete in his lime chiffon gown) down for a chat about how the group has come together, their journey from indie band to major label starlings and how Ivri is adjusting to life in a new pop group aside from his rock superstardom in Israel.

I literally could have spent hours chatting with TYP, so this 15 minutes is hardly enough to satisfy my obsession with the band, but I hope you enjoy our chat and that it gives you some insight into why I fly their flag so constantly.  You really should make your world a better place by downloading "9am to 5pm, 5pm To Whenever"right now too - It's even out on iTunes USA and Canada!

9AM to 5PM - 5PM to Whenever - The Young Professionals