Stefan and Oscar from The Sound Of Arrows have created something amazingly spectacular in their debut album "Voyage" which is out now on iTunes"Voyage" is an exploration into an incredible soundscape of emotional and inspiring electronica that will live on for years to come.  It's an album that will be in the top of EQ's picks for top albums of 2011 and it's a must own piece of art by two of pop's most notable music makers right now.

In this EQ Music interview with The Sound Of Arrows, we discuss the concept behind "Voyage", what they think of being often compared to Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, the importance of visualization and how these two "perfectionists" came together to create the illuminating world of The Sound Of Arrows.

Make sure to pick up "Voyage" now on iTunes (that's an order) and read Jordan's extensive review of the album right here.  Enjoy!

Voyage (Bonus Track Version) - The Sound of Arrows