"Hey Sexy Lady" by iSquare is the catchiest pop jam to light up our iPod since "I Got A Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas busted out as an international smash hit.  I'm really loving what this new group of four funsters are turning out and I certainly think it's worth your while to put iSqure high on your pop loving radar.  I recently caught up with the lone girl of the group – Destiny to talk about how iSquare came together, comparisons to BEP and what we can expect from iSquare's "pot of gumbo" in the future.  Enjoy.

Hey Destiny! How are you and the iSquare boys doing today?
Hey EQ!  We are doing great thanks for asking! 
You guys met in California last year. How did you you all end up there?
Well we actually met summer of 2009.  At the time we were all currently living in LA.  Briddy, Ten and myself are from California and Mike J had moved out to pursue his career.  Some of us had met each other prior to getting together as a group.  We hung out at a 4th of July party and then got together officially as a group a few weeks later after bumping into each other at Babyface's studio. Damon Thomas from The Pentagon suggested we work together and we did and our first song was magic.
I read that some of you produced and wrote songs. What other artists have you worked with?
We are all writers and Briddy and Ten are the producers, although Mike J had been creating some tracks as well.  We have worked with people like Nick Carter, Jessie McCartney, Swedish House Mafia just to name a few.
Christina Aguilera. Superbowl. Any comments? What would you have done if you royally messed up the national anthem?!
Well as far as the performance goes, we commend anyway who goes up there to sing the national anthem period.  That isn't an easy task to do at all and we feel as the public/audience we need to be a little more receptive to that.  What we get up there and do is not easy.  We put ourselves on display constantly for the world to criticize our every move.  Sometimes its sucks that you cant just be human and make a mistake. So as far as what I would have done…well what can you do but keep going?  You cant start from the top.  It happens to the best of them.

Black Eyed Peas also played at the game.  Some might say that as a line up and sound, you appear quite similar.  Are you worried you will be compared to them or other artists?
Well we believe our only similarity is that we are composed of one girl and three guys.  Our sound is totally different from theirs.  We have two rappers and two singers, and I sometimes rap too.  As much as we admire them, we have in no way went forth with the goal to be like them at all except to achieve their level of success.  Who wouldn't want to be as successful as them?  It was simply divine the way we came together as well as the chemistry that took place and we just rocked with it and became blessed enough to share the same label with them that understood the vision of who we are.  So we aren't worried about being compared, its flattering to be thrown in the category but we are confident that everyone will come to see the difference soon enough.
You described your sound as like "a pot of gumbo". Would you share with EQ Readers what you mean by this?!
Well what we mean by a pot of gumbo is is that we have literally taken every genre of music and combined it into our own sound.  We didn't go with the intent to do so but it was inevitable when you throw four different strong personalities together with different distinct influences and opinions.  We are influenced by alternative, pop, dub step, electronica, RnB, dance, house, country, gospel, rock and roll, hip hop and many other underground artists.  We just enjoy good music and it helps that we have true musicians in the group as well, so there will be live instruments in that pot of gumbo too.

I love the track "Hey Sexy Lady". Definitely can see that in the clubs! In your opinion, what really makes a sexy lady?  
What we believe makes a sexy lady is the type of woman she embodies and what we mean by that is – does she have confidence not only on a physical plane but internally.  When you have that its exuded to the outside.  Anyone can appreciate a women beautiful inside and out.
What was the song about (apart from fit girls – is it written about an experience one of you had? "Hey Sexy Lady/ I got a right to know/ if this is mutual." What's the story? 
The song is just saying that – girl you know I'm interested in you so don't beat around the bush, let me know if you're feeling me too.  Who wants to be left hanging or led on by someone, yah know? 
Are your future releases going to be along a similar vibe? What can we expect from your next single?
Currently we have so many single options that its just about zeroing in on just one.  We just keep making better music over this last year. So we believe that this next record will really give you a taste of who we are, give you a spoon so you can sip on that gumbo.
Are you guys touring? And will you be coming over to the UK at all?
We are just about to begin our promo tour.  Believe it or not we haven't done any promo for the single yet. It just took off on its own.  So we have to go the UK because you all were the first to show us some love.  We will definitely see you all soon. We're excited.  We love you guys!