Space Cowboy really knows how to make fun dance/pop music and I've been a fan ever since his first album "Digital Rock" hit the interweb.  "My Egyptian Lover" with Nadia Oh is such a classic track too that never ever gets old.  I first got a glimpse of the rising star when he was the iconic DJ behind the decks on those early Lady Gaga club appearances in London and even back then, you could tell he had a bit of star quality about him.  

Since then, Gaga has blown up and Space Cowboy hasn't stopped with his mission of bringing digital dance/pop music to the masses and his new album, the cleverly titled "Digital Rock Star" proves just that.  With collaborations from the likes of The Paradiso Girls, LMFAO, Vistoso Bosses, Cinema Bizarre and Nadia Oh being featured on the new album – you'll definitely be in dance rock heaven upon it's first listen…guaranteed.

I caught up with Space Cowboy in the midst of his current US Tour with LMFAO to ask him a few questions I've had brewing.  In this interview with Space Cowboy – the purveyor of digital pop talks about working with RedOne, the filming of the "Just Dance" music video with Lady Gaga, his thoughts on glam rock making a comeback and why all the boyfriends of the world hate him…enjoy!

EQ: Well hello Space Cowboy – how are you today sir?  Where are you answering our questions from?
Space Cowboy: Hello! Well were in Seattle right now, on the Party Rock tour bus!

How very rock and roll!  Now tell me, you're originally from Paris and then moved to the UK and now you're rocking it in America.  Which do you prefer the American or the European life?
Both are good, very different, I love America as I grew up listening to predominently American Hip Hop essentially.

So you must be excited releasing your new album "Digital Rock Star".  Is it a continuation of your 2006 album "Digital Rock" or is it a new sound and concept you're going for this time?
Its very much a new album, but the concept of it remains the same – to make digitally based music, without necessarily real instuments, like laptop rock.  Pop music with the spirit of rock and Red One produced most of the album, which is pretty amazing!

What was it like working with RedOne?  He really is the in-demand producer right now isn't he! 
He's such a lovey guy and suuuper hard-working producer – his sound is huge and that he even worked with me is just a dream for me!  Working with Red One, can you believe it?!

I must ask you, how did you end up hooking up with Cinema Bizarre?  I love them, I randomly bought a CD of theirs in Munich once and haven't heard much about them in the UK until you released your collaboration with them on "I Came 2 Party".
We met on the Lady Gaga Fame Ball Tour, they are excellent guys and invited me to perform in Germany with them for a BIG TV show – it was fun!

Do you think glam rock is making a bit of comeback now with artists like Cinema Bizarre and Adam Lambert being on the forefront of that movement?
Well, I think glamour is the basis of Rock and Hip Hop, or at least the types I like!  I like gangster movies and hair bands.  I like flambouyance and Cinema Bizarre and Adam Lambert are very much glam rock!  I Love it!

You're first single off "Digital Rock Star" was the brilliant "Falling Down" with The Paradiso Girls.  What was it like to work with Chelsea on the vocals?
Fantastic, her vocals pop like wow!  Amazing performer and great friend!  The Paradiso Girls are so much fun and im a BIG big fan!

 Pink couch

Did you have fun making that video with the girls? 
Yes!  The video was a big party with an open bar!  It was filmed at the Beauty Bar in Los Angeles.  A dream come true really and I think the video catches that feeling – it was lovely to be part of that.

I remember the first time I saw you in London – you were doing Lady Gaga's music for her at OMO Generations in London.  What has it been like from those early shows with Lady Gaga to now – has everything just been full throttle since then?  Is hard to keep up with being "in-demand" right now for your music and sound?
Well, what an extraordinary experience for me to perform with Lady Gaga, I learned so much about writing and performance from her, she is really an incredible person and lives for her fans and the stage, her music is very special, she's rather remarkable wouldnt you say!

Definitely, I've been a huge fan from the beginning!  You were also in the video for "Just Dance" – what was your favourite part of filming that video?  Everyone I talk to about that video talks about Lady Gaga and the blow up whale…
[Laughs]  Yeah, that part was fun and was shot at the end of the night and I got to pop the champagne bottle while she was in the pool [Laughs again!]  So much fun!  That was the first video and was totally ace!

Now you have a song on your album called "Boyfriends Hate Me" – Is this true – do boyfriends always hate you?  Is that song autobiographical in any way?  Spill the beans!
Yeah, actually I can't spill the beans too much but that song was about the "Falling Down" video shoot, I can't give details, but that evening was funny and inspired that song.  It's not meant to be bragging or something, just making fun of it a little – I don't think its cool to cheat or anything like that, but just observations about people watching in the club!

I also love your album track "Talking In Your Sleep".  Is it a tribute to the original?
It's not a cover!  It's a new song that shares the same name of the original song, I didn't know this at the time!  My song was co-written with Kevin Rudolf who wrote "Good Girls Go Bad" – he's a very dope artist and writer.

What songs on the album are you most proud of?
"My Egyptian Lover" is very close to my heart.  Nadia Oh has a very unique voice, that many people cannot imitate, its pretty impossible!  She is SUPER cool, even when she speaks to you – she has this amazing quality to her voice, its sooo funny and nice and just cuts through the mix of a song!

Definitely, yeah I noticed "My Egyptian Lover" made the cut for "Digital Rock Star" – why did you decide to put the song on this album as it's on "Digital Rock" as well…grant it – it's an AMAZING song!
Because the song is what got me noticed the most I think, every dancer I meet in the States is aware of this song and even Lady Gaga knew the song and loved it!  She really said I should do more songs like that one [Laughs]  The song got me the attention of CherryTree Records boss Martin Kierszenbaum, who is an extraordinary gentleman and producer and writer who understands the artistic temperement very much [Sings "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, shhhhh!"]

Hahaha – You're gigging now on The Party Rock tour with LMFAO.  You're hitting all the major US cities…what cities are you looking forward to visiting? 
Well, i think if we go to Miami, the song "Im In Miami Trick" will be a highlight [Laughs].  The tour is so exciting and visiting new places is so amazing and even if I have been there before, its never for too long, so there is always more to see!

Well that's it – thank you Space Cowboy – when are you coming back to the UK?
Hopefully soon!  Thank you verrry much Raj!  We'll see you at the next UK show!  Thank you!