She may look like Kelly Rowland, but rising star Kelli Leigh couldn’t be any more different.

I’ve known about Kelli Leigh for a few years now as she’s been gigging endlessly around Londontown and it wasn’t until six months ago that I finally was able to catch her electrfying set at a little music venue in North London.  It was the moment that she sang her track “Missing You” (listen below) that the penny finally dropped for me.  “Missing You” literally brought tears to my eyes and from that point on I became a big fan of Kelli Leigh and even invited her to play EQ Live with another one of my favourite rising musicians – Blake Blackheart.

Missing You – Kelli Leigh

Kelli recently returned from touring with Adele as her background vocalist and now with a major tour experience under her belt, Kelli is back in London and set on conquering the world with her soulful blend of pop rock tunes which I just love.  It’s not often an artist of Kelli’s genre gets the EQ stamp of approval, but I truly believe that Kelli Leigh is one to watch out for – I’m confident that her drive, determination, fantastic songs and HUGE voice will start to get noticed by the masses VERY soon.

Before Kelli left on tour with Adele, I caught up with her in the studio as she was re-recording the new version of “Missing You” (above) and we had a wonderful little chat about her music, The X-Factor and why she is a little shy to sing her song “Dicmatized” in front of her mother…

Discover Kelli Leigh for yourself on her official website.