While I was in New York City, I got to meet up with the super lovely Kimberley Locke who was in town promoting her new “discotastic” dance track “Strobelight”.  Having been the first artist to be signed to Randy Jackson’s new dance label, Kimberley Locke is on a mission to step out of her current adult contemporary image and eventually take over the club circuit in Europe as the new dance diva – watch out Kylie!

In my EQ interview with Kimberley Locke, the American Idol alum talks about the advice that Randy Jackson used to dish her on the show, her feelings about Prop 8 not passing in California, her involvment in the NOH8 campaign and the media reaction to Clay Aiken’s coming out.  Kimberley even tells us how she ended up eating curry in London at 11pm at night – something most of us are guilty of – hands up!

I hope you enjoyed that little chat – and now a little exclusive for you… Take a listen to my favorite remix of “Strobelight” – it’s the “HotWheels Radio Mstr Remix” and it takes the fab disco dance track and gives it a slightly more “electrified” tone – bam!  

Make sure to check out Kimberley Locke’s MySpace page to hear the original version of “Strobelight”

And if you like it,  you can buy it now on Kimberley Locke - Strobelight - Single