I think by now you all know that I'm a huge fan of KCAT, so it should come as no surprise that I sat her down recently to have a natter about all things fantastic that are going on her world.  Her debut single "Boys Don't Cry" is out now and if you like a bit of attitude with your your electro-pop, then make sure you go get it right now on UK iTunes.

In this EQ interview with KCAT, we talk about first impressions, her outrageous sense of style, why the maple syrup diet wasn't for her and what separates the cats from the dogs.  Next week we'll also be bringing you an exclusive stream of her next killer single "Epileptic".

EQ: So KCAT, why do you spell your name with 'k' and a 'c' ?
KCAT: There are so many people called Cat and they spell it with either a K or a C, so just to be different I spell it with both a K and a C that way I don't have to change my name.

We love your track "Epileptic".  We understand this is a personal subject for you to write about. How have you coped in the music industry with your condition?
There are always ways around things!  I love to perform with big flashy lights but unfortunately strobe lights affect me and can set of a severe seizure.  But I always inform people to switch them off before a performance or an appearance.

So tell me about "Boys Don't Cry". It's obviously a song that separates the boys from the men. Tell me KCAT, have you made a few men cry in your life?
Yes, a few!  But that's only because I beat them at a few computer games.

I love the video to "Boys Don't Cry". Did you get to personally pick out the men in the video?  I imagine they would have had to live up to some very high KCAT standards…
There were only a few requirements for the actors. It was a pretty easy job for them really.  The main target for them was to just cry on demand and look hard-working.  The only thing I wanted was for them to look masculine and strong.  Not too much to ask for is it?.

Your sense of fashion is amazing.  What inspires you when it comes to putting together your outfits?
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.  I get stared at as if its a crime sometimes, but that doesn't stop me. My music, and mood is my main inspiration. I want people to hear my music and connect the dots when they meet me.   It all has to make sense.  If I don't get a reaction from what I am wearing, then I'm not doing my job properly. After all first impressions count.

Something tells me your not a high street diva…You recently started up your own personal music and fashion blog – KCATWALK. Why did you start to blog?  A lot people start blogs for various different reasons…just curious as to why you took the plunge into the blogesphere.
I am a high street, high fashion, vintage and second-hand shop shopaholic.  Remember "It's not what you wear! It's how you wear it!".  I felt the need to start up a blog because I could see for many reasons that it could benefit me.  I think that its a good way to express yourself and understand others.  It is a good stress reliever and really helps me ease tension and frustration.  It's good to see how people respond to you and it's a way of me inviting people into my world.

I was blown away the first time I saw you perform at Yo Yo in Notting Hill.  Duncan James was even in the audience.  Was that a special gig for you?
Every gig is important to me.  A lot of people turned up to show their support and as long as I'm alive, I live to perform so every gig means everything to me.

Thank you so much for performing at EQ Live too – we loved your club set.   What would you like to say to people who are planning on coming to see you live in your upcoming UK club tour?
Beware of the KCAT!  You will have to be prepared to stand up throughout, sitting down is not permitted.

So is the goal to be the next Beyonce or the next Lady Gaga? What drives you to do what you are doing in the very difficult music industry?
Beyonce and Lady Gaga are both extremely successful at what they do, so if my career follows that path then yes I do hope to follow on to be the next one.  As they are both unique at what they do, I am too!  And there is only one KCAT.  The music industry is very difficult, but like anything in life you have to work hard at it.  What drives me is the belief and support from my family and friends.  Doors always open if it's meant to be.

When you take off the makeup, the cool clothes and let your hair down on your days off – what is KCAT really like?
I am still the same with or without the make-up.  Clothes and make up do not make the person.

One of the things I love about you is your honesty on Twitter. We had some banter back and forth about you being on the "maple syrup" diet and within a few days you basically said "oh sod this nonsense" which I thought was hilarious.  What did you learn from that little experiment?
Exercise is always the healthiest option to loose weight.  Fad diets are not healthy and can make everyone around you suffer. Trust me, I was not a nice person to be around, I was always hungry!

Do you have a cat? Do you love cats? What do you think about dogs?
I had many cats and dogs when I was growing up and I adore both.   I think dogs are very loving animals. I always felt protected with my dog. It depends on the dog though. Some dogs can be vicious.

Thanks KCAT for answering our questions, we love what you are doing here at EQ and we get excited every time your video comes on The Box – what would you like to tell our EQ readers?
Please continue to show your support. "Boys Don't Cry" is out now and I will continue to release more tracks throughout the year.

Download "Boys Don't Cry" right now on KCAT - Boys Don't Cry

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