Jodie Connor 1 

by Raj Rudolph and Peter Wilson

Together with her trusty pair of nerdy-chic glasses, Jodie Connor has busted onto the pop scene with her debut new single with Wiley called "Now Or Never" which you really can't escape at the moment if you live in the UK – it's everywhere!  Having already won our hearts over from her collaboration on Roll Deep's huge number one smash "Good Times" it seems that there is some serious bank to be made from working with Jodie Conner as "Good Times" spent a whopping three weeks topping the UK chart – serious!

So what's it like to be in Jodie Connor's shoes right now?  Well EQ caught up with her recently to talk about life as a new popstar and what we can expect from her this year!

You wrote both 'Good Times', and your new single 'Now or Never' yourself! Have you wrote any songs for any other artists?
I haven't no. I’ve been 100% focused on my own album but I would love to write for other people in the future.

What inspires you to write?
Music!  When I hear a good song it makes me want to write one too. The way I’m feeling also inspires my songs. I’m in a really good place at the moment and I want that to be reflected in the songs I write. That’s why a lot of the tracks are upbeat dance-pop numbers.

How did you and your producer Dawood meet?
We met through a mutual friend years ago, it must have been fate – he’s an amazing producer.  I loved the hooks he was laying down and he liked what I was doing, the rest you could say was history!

Who else have you been working on the album with?
I haven't worked with any other producers, Dawood is producing my whole album, which is shaping up nicely. I‘ve worked with other songwriters though, including RocNation, who are Jay-Z’s people. I flew out to LA last year to write some tracks. It was exciting seeing how other people worked and I came back with some brilliant songs.

Have you always known you would work in the music industry?
Yes, it’s been my dream to be an artist and release my music. It’s taken years to get here, but I’m enjoying everything. I don’t mind that I have to live out of suitcases whilst I’m in London, or the early morning or late nights, because I’m living my dream.

If you weren't a singer/songwriter then what would you be doing?
Probably still working at the Youth Offending Service, it’s was a hard job, but seeing kids turn their life’s around for the better is fulfilling.

Jodie Connor 3 - digi 

You look absolutely stunning in your new video "Now or Never". I've noticed you love to rock a sweet pair of shades in your videos, any reason (other than you look HOT) for this?
[Laughs] Thanks for the compliment. I love shades, I’ve got loads of customised glasses. I think they finish of my look well… I feel a bit naked without them.

I read online that one of your main ambitions is to get a number one going solo in the UK AND US!? Have you got any other goals?
Not at the moment, one goal at a time – I just want to become more successful as a singer/songwriter and enjoy myself whilst I’m doing it.

When's the album out?
This summer, I’ve got another single coming out before then. The album is a mixture of up tempo dance-pop songs and slower r&b ballads, I can’t wait to release it.

You must be MEGA busy at the moment. How does JC like to chillax? A good bottle of wine or a spa perhaps?
Ooo, you’re spot on with the wine! I love a nice bottle of red wine, nice wholesome, filling food and my family around me.

Well thank you for answering our questions! I would say good luck with this year – but I really don't think you'll need it. Cannot WAIT for the album and new tracks!
Thank you very much EQ!

To learn more about Jodie Connor check our her official website and you can follow her on Twitter"Now Or Never" with Wiley is out now to download on iTunes