Frankmusik (aka Vince Frank) is making quite the splash and I'm totally in love with his new single "3 Little Words" which is out now.  He's the next big name in electronic pop and his debut album is one of the most anticipated albums of 2009.  I'm actually equally excited about it as Imogen's Heap's new 2009 album, which says a lot.  Make sure you visit Frankmusik's MySpace to sample some of the hot tunes that has the world of pop buzzing…

Hello Vince – How are you today and where are you answering our questions from?
I'm really good. I am off to headline a festival in Portugal in the morning so that should be fun! I am answering these questions in my studio.

So tell us about "3 Little Words" – what was the inspiration behind this song?
The song is about not being able to tell someone that you can't love them.

Absolutely love the video clip as well.  Did you have fun filming it?  Do you like filming music videos?
I loved filming the video. It was hard work but it was brilliant. I loved the fact I hard to dance. Even if I wasn't very good at it!

How long did it take you to learn the steps in the video?  Who came up with the concept and choreography?
I had a few days to get the moves down and then it was go go go! The choreographer was amazing and such a lovely lady. She really put me at ease and boosted my confidence ten fold.

Is "3 Little Words" a good representation as to the type of sound we can expect from your forthcoming album?  Why did you choose this as the first single?
Firstly I try and make all of my tunes sound different in someway or another to the last. I believe that variety in production is key while my voice is the one element that holds everything together. "3 Little Words" was the first single as it was a good taste maker song. It was a little bit mad and made a bit of a statement as it stands out as an odd song to push. But it was really important me that we challenged people expectations from a new pop artist rather than satisfying peoples obvious wants and needs in electronic pop music.


What are your favourite songs from the new album?  Which songs are you looking forward to the public hearing?  I quite like "Vacant Heart" – it's very touching and melodic.
"Vacant Heart" is a very new track and I am hoping that I have a couple more songs in me to be made before the album comes out. I am looking forward to the album as a whole. I believe that my album should be judged as a body of work. As in today's modern climate the album and the idea of the album seems to be dying out.

You're quite well known as a remixer as well.  When bands come to you with their songs, what is the process like for you to put your own stamp on it.  Is it something that comes quickly for you?
Remixes always get done in the spur of the moment. I like to capture a moment. I will try and not listen to the original track and come to the remix with a completely fresh perspective. I only ever listen to the vocal from a track. I never use any of the other parts of the original production. I like to think that my remix is more an example of what possibly could be done if I was working the vocalist from the band myself.

What has been some of your favourite songs that you've remixed?
I loved remixing Bloc Party, Furthest Drive Home and my latest which is Keane.

I quite like the remix you did for David Swinburn's "Wrong Shoes" – how did that collaboration come about?  Love that Keane remix too on your MySpace.
I like to work with people who are successful and people who are trying to make a name for themselves. David just had something that made my ears prick up. I liked the simplicity of the song and it gave me a lot of room to add to the strength. The Keane Remix was also a lot of fun!


You're sort of the triple threat when it comes to being a musician – a performer, a DJ and a remixer – out of these, which do you prefer most and least?
I love to perform the most as there is such an energy and its all coming from my music. DJing is fun but my least favorite because all I am playing is generally other peoples tunes which isn't too much fun for a creative like myself.

You're also a blogger as well.  What are your thoughts on blogging?  Has it been an important part of the process for you getting your music out there. 
The internet as a whole is the future tool for any creative trying to get their work out to the masses. I think the creative industry should be more willing to embrace the internet in order to help improve its understanding of its future consumers.

You've done gigs with Alphabeat and Sam Sparro now – what's been your favourite gig thus far and why?
Probably the show I did at Stoke. They know how to have a good time!

Well thanks Vince for chatting with us – any parting words for the EQ readers?
Have a good weekend!