Eric Saade is certainly one of pop's most exciting commodities at the moment.  A Swedish superstar and overnight European treasure after his showstopping performance at Eurovision, the world's stage is set for Eric Saade to be an international pop phenomenon.

Eric's second album "Saade Vol 1" is quite easily one of this year's best pop collections and on Wednesday, November 30th the world will get to experience "Saade Vol 2" which features a second collection of tracks that ignite the dancefloor and the European pop charts.  His latest single "Hotter Than Fire" with the uber cool Dev is already one of the most talked about pop tracks right now.

In this EQ Music interview with Eric Saade, we talk about what it's like to release two albums in one year, his love affair with Robyn, collaborating with Dev, his timeless devotion to his fans and just why he likes singing "sexy" songs.  Eric is this week's EQ Cover Boy and the whole week will be devoted to Eric Saade and his uplifiting, feel-good, pop stomping electronic tunes.  Hope you enjoy!