Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters is one cool dude. Last time I chatted to him, he was in the midst of promoting his own brilliant solo work and was keeping rather tight-lipped about what was happening with the highly-anticipated Scissor Sisters third album. Well "Night Work" has dropped and the Scissor Sisters junior effort was met with extreme applause to bloggers and music fans wordwide. After speaking to both Ana Matronic and Babydaddy about "Night Work", I really wanted to get Del's thoughts on the album and he was kind enough to take time out of his grueling US tour schedule to answer some questions just for you.

In this EQ interview Del Marquis, Del talks about what he learned from his solo outing, working with Kylie and Bright Light Bright Light, if he was slightly scared by his "pyro hat" in the "Any Which Way" video and he even shares his horoscope with us – enjoy!

Del! How are you today sir? You've been traveling the world on tour – where did I find you today?
I’m in DC today for the 2nd date on our US tour. I woke up in front of the Washington monument, which set the tone of my day.

How does it feel to have "Night Work" out now? You must be excited to present the album live on tour with the months of prep and planning you guys put into it…
Truly…no one will remember that it took three plus years to make, they will just remember that it was a great album. You could be less precious in the 70’s and 80’s with rapid-fire releases, but the scrutiny is so much different now, especially with pop music. We wanted to be able to play every song off this album on our tour, and we are doing just that, we love the songs so much.

Last time I spoke with you, you said you were going to loosen up on the form fitting clothing as you wanted to "eat more cake" on tour. Did your wardrobe choices change much for this tour – and the important question; are you enjoying the dessert cart?
I tried a more casual look at first and I just felt “loose” – I need restraint, I need tight pants. I had a food bender on my vacation last week, which may have more to do with all the trees I was smoking; but while on tour I don’t eat junk or sweets, in fact I’m a well-oiled machine and working out pretty regularly.


And Jake – isn't it about time you've chatted with us at EQ ?  All the cool kids are doing it…

So tell me, was it difficult at all to get back into the studio with Scissor Sisters after having spent so much time on your solo project. Was it an organic transition or did you feel you need more time with your own project?
I had a great experience with that record, and if anything, it endeared me to the dynamic of a band, my band. I like being in the wings as a guitarist and stepping into the spotlight occasionally.

Any more plans to continue the solo project after you're done promoting "Night Work”?
I’ve already written and recorded about fifteen songs, better arrangement and lyrics, which I thought were my weak points on the last album/EPs. Unfortunately I can’t release it until the Scissor Sisters tour is done. At the moment the record has an R&B sound, but coming from my background, its anything but traditional. It may be a different story or new songs by the time I’m ready to release it.

Now, I know what both Babydaddy and Ana thought about the album cover to "Night Work". I want to know what you thought of it – did the butt win you over in the end?
I loved it immediately.

I love the "pyro hat" you are wearing in the "Any Which Way" video. Did you ever think – oh my god, what if I have a Michael Jackson moment and this thing catches my hair on fire?! I'd be slightly nervous wearing that thing…
Well, my hair was covered, so I was more concerned about my clothes catching on fire, or my hand. You can see I raised my hand in on quick slow motion scene; I was just really lucky it wasn’t in the flame. I need that helmet to happen every night on tour, its genius!


What are your favorite tracks on "Night Work" – Mine are definitely "Any Which Way" and "Sex And Violence".
"Skin Tight", "Sex and Violence" and "Invisible Light".

What I love about "Night Work" is that you all seem so much more focused and enthusiastic about the material – it's just something I've noticed. You've all seemed to go through some sort of transformation as well – did you feel any different this time when recording "Night Work". What was it like to be in your space when getting ready for the third record?
It's how the first tour felt, except with more professionalism. Promo still sucks (except when you get asked fun questions like this Q&A), but I’m up for the travel and I’m up for the shows. We knew it would have been disastrous to our spirit if we toured behind an album we weren’t convinced was great.

You guys have been seen canoodling a lot with Kylie – she definitely is a Scissor Sister isn't she?! What's it like to share a stage with her?
She has star quality, which is indefinable. Genuine, funny and sweet are good adjectives.

You recently collaborated with Bright Light Bright Light who is one of my favorite new musicians. What's it like to work with Rod?
His songs are great, which is just a fact. He had contacted me through his management about writing together, which ended up in a pen pal exchange and meeting in NY. I recorded some guitar and background vocals for a song called “Cry at Films.”

That's it Del – thanks for catching up with us once again. Any parting words for EQ readers?
Since my birthday coming up, I’d like to include a horoscope for all the other Virgos out there.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Hold relatively still. The Mercury-retrograde modifications you're due to make—and with this retrograde occurring in your sign, we know they're due—are far likelier to present themselves as a side-effect of your reacting to what other people are doing than through racking your own brain, over-analyzing. Therefore, Virgo, don't worry about figuring out what needs to be 'fixed'. Let the natural evolution of circumstances (as carried out by other's fevered mind-changings or panicky divings-in) point the way instead. They'll 'go crazy' or whatever, and you'll respond with alternatives that both calm them down and improve your stake in the matter. They'll flip shit upside-down, and you'll reorganize the aftermath so it's in better shape than before. They'll be grateful for your rational approach…and you'd better return that favor of gratitude, since their wackiness affords you the opportunity to rehearse your role as the 'restabilizer'.