Bens Brother Glow EP

Ben's Brother (aka Jamie Hartman) have been around for awhile and I've always respected his thoughtful and melodic pop music.  His 2009 album "Battling Giants" was critically acclaimed and really established Ben's Brother's foothold in the music industry as both a performer and songwriter.  As of late, I've been noticing his name a lot more as a songwriter on some of my favorite new pop songs including "I Am Who I Am" by Lee Ryan and "Haunted" by Ben Montague.  Ben's Brother also wrote the smash hit "All Time Love" by Will Young if that gives you an indication of where he comes from as a songwriter.  

Bens brother 1

Ben's Brother's new EP entitled "Glow" is out right now and it's one of those bodies of work that really just grabs you with it's lyrical poingance and lush instrumentation – all of which was recorded in the studio in just two days.  When asked if I wanted to meet up with Ben's Brother for a chat, my immediate answer was a quick "absolutely yes".  I really wanted to find out Jamie's views on the music industry as an in-demand songwriter and to talk about some of those songs mentioned above that are defining today's modern pop classics.  

Ben's Brother is not your average catchy pop fare that you hear on the radio or see on the TV these days.  The music is very much still centered around the song and the lyrics and that's what I really love about Ben's Brother.  The music comes from the heart and Ben's Brother is just one of those artists that you'll appreciate no matter what genre of music you prefer.

You can download "Glow" by Ben's Brother right now on Ben's Brother - Glow EP