Asher MonroeWe’ve got an exciting little interview to share with you today that has taken me far too long to post for various reasons. Regardless, recently I was lucky enough to have a short virtual interview with upcoming pop wonderkid and all around nicest-guy-you’ll-ever-meet Asher Monroe! We’ve had our eyes on him for quite a while now and still have Here With You on repeat constantly (and you should, too).

We had some questions of our own and also opened it up to some fans on Twitter and gave them a chance to ask their own questions.

As a solo artist, things have undoubtedly been different from your days in a boy band. What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of being solo now, opposed to being in a group?
Being a solo artist allows me to have true creative freedom I want. I write all my music now (which wasn’t something I had the opportunity to do before). There’s not really a disadvantage to going solo… I see the transition as an upside that allows me to get closer to what I was born to do.

Who would you say are your biggest influences as far as songwriting and performing? Who would you list as your biggest overall influences in life in general?
Music inspires in so many different ways. I grew up listening to Elvis, Stevie Wonder, MJ, Elton John, Freddy Mercury. I admire artists that can really sing and write amazing music.

Twitter Question: What has been your favorite/best fan experience?
Sometimes travel many hours across the country to see me perform. That’s probably the most humbling part of doing what I do.

Twitter Question: What is your favorite part about being on tour, and do you plan to tour again?
Yes I’m planning on another full scale tour, but in this moment I’m balancing my time between finishing up my album in the studio and
doing a mini radio promo tour to different stations across the US to promote my single ‘Here With You’.

Twitter Question: If you could go back in time and experience any even, what would it be and why?
Odd question! The truth is, I live for here and now…. the present. I’ve been working so hard on music, I have to stay focused. No time travel just yet!

At EQ we primarily feature independent and little-known acts in order to give them their time in the spotlight. Any advice for independent artists/groups that are trying to make a name for themselves?
Be relentless. Work hard. Don’t take no as an answer, and use every challenge as a means to improve upon your weaknesses. Be competitive, and above all… confident in yourself. This industry is a gamble and so much depends on how and when you roll the dice. Follow your passion and you won’t be let down.