Electrovamp are the frisky sisters of electro and I got to have a quick chat with them before they bring their high-energy headliner performance to Electroqueer@Barcode this Thursday night.  In this interview with Electrovamp, they clear up the meaning behind the songs "I Don’t Like The Vibe in The V.I.P" and new single "Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free" and give us some insight into their favourite Michael Jackson songs.

Hello girls – so introduce yourselves – go on…

Fiesty! And how are you doing today?
Tammy: Great thanks we have just got back from the gym and had our driving lessons earlier was fun! [smiles]

So I hear you just finished filming your video for "Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free". How did the filming go? What’s the premise of the video?
Kally: What does premise mean? [Laughs] If you mean the theme…it was us in a studio just having fun dancing and performing. It involved bubble machines and six inch heels, we worked with the same director as last time, Mike Baldwin and the whole team just make it a great fun day!

And I hear the song is in the new movie "How To Lose Friends and Alienate People" too – how excited are you about that?
Tammy: We are very excited! Especially because its such a great movie. We went to see a screening in Paramount Studios in a mini-cinema with big comfy seats. It felt great to be a part of it all! We cant wait to go to the premier! [big smiles]

So is it true, do you really despise the vibe in the V.I.P? Or is it just a fun pop song?
Kally: [laughs] No we have actually had some boring experiences in V.I.P areas and thats where the idea of the song came from but hopefully someday we will get to go to some great V.I.Ps!

So you "don’t like the vibe in the VIP" but you think "drinks taste better when they’re free"…somewhat contradictory don’t you think?
Tammy: No – we are talking about free champers that’s given out. We like to dance like maniacs and not sitting there poshly sipping expensive champagne. We are also taking the mick out of guys who think because they buy you a drink,they will get something at the end of the night…So we just get our free drinks and say cheerio!


I couldn’t help but notice your last photoshoot has you "tangled up" in some lovely ribbons – similar to the Girls Aloud’s "Tangled up" photoshoot. I’m beginning to think that being tangled up is starting to become quite trendy then…thoughts…
Kally: No lovely ribbons were involved it was actually bondage tape! We were meant to be wearing the bondage tape as a skirt but it didn’t quite look right so the photographer decided to wrap us up in it like a spider web which was fun! But I can see what you mean, the pictures have similar themes!

The Guardian recently described you as "Electrovamp are the indie Cheeky Girls, or do we mean cheeky indie girls? They’re the Aly & AJ of the valleys, the raven-haired Shampoo, a sour Sugababes, Girls Aloud before they became WAG-ish and respectable, Fischerspooner if they’d been two teen mallrats and not a fogyish pair of preening New York art narcissists". What do you think of those comparisons?
Kally: As far as Aly & AJ, Cheeky Girls and Shampoo – I suppose they are a duo so its easy to compare! As for Sugababes and Girls aloud they are the biggest UK girlbands around so we take it all as a compliment!

So we are getting you on our little stage at EQ@Barcode very soon. What can we expect from an Electrovamp performance?
Tammy: Plenty of fun lots of energy and you can hear our new single too! woo!


So you’re big Michael Jackson fans then?
Tammy : Yep I used to sing to Micheal Jackson all the time – "Keep It In The Closet". I have a funny video of me singing that song stamping my feet and clicking my fingers like a nutter. [laughs]
Kally: Yeahhh i can do the moonwalk!

Go on what’s your favourite MJ song?
"BEAT IT !!!"

If you could cover an MJ song – what would it be?
Tammy: "Thriller" would be awesome – He’s got some great songs!

Everyone wants to be electro these days. Electrovamp, Electocute, Electroqueer. I guess it’s quite cool to be electro isn’t it?
Kally: Yeah its very popular at the moment which is great for us!

Ok that’s it girls – any closing words for our EQ readers?
Both: Hope to see you all at the EQ gig…Electro all the way – woop woop!