Christian George is someone that you can’t help but notice. If his sexually-charged debut single “Strangers” isn’t enough to make you sit up and take notice, then you’ll easily fall victim to his striking good-looks and charisma – it’s that simple.

In this interview, we get an insight into Christian’s ambitious beginnings and find out why this “white artist with soul” will soon be busting his way onto your music playlists as well as your silver screens.

So Christian – Before embarking on a solo singer career, you used to be a dancer right?
Christian George: Yes. I was a dancer for several years for everyone from Britney Spears to Will Smith to working on a project for Michael Jackson. Dancing was very good to me.

What memorable story stands out from your dancing days?
Getting the call to dance for Michael Jackson. As a dancer, that was my goal.

You paid your dues as a stylist too. Did you style anyone we know?
Yes – I was fortunate enough to work with one of the biggest stylists in the business, Charlene Roxborough. Our big client during that time was Kanye West. I think it’s fair to say that he has become a fashion icon.

So tell us about your debut single "Strangers". It’s a bit sexual isn’t it!
It’s not a bit sexual, it is sexual! But it’s sexual in a way that everyone can relate to because I think its fair to say most adults have had a one night stand in they’re lives. This is a song celebrating that.

Whose idea was it to pay homage to Laura Branigan’s massive 80’s hit "Self Control" in the track?
I had one of my dear friends, Mike Anthony do some writing on this song with me. He came up with the idea of the "oh, oh, ohs" in the hook. They just worked in the song.

Do you think Laura would have liked the collision of all this sexual energy in one song?
Don’t we all like sexual energy? I think we do…

Are you filming a video?
Yes – I’m directing the video as well – and might I say, its going to be quite a video…

Now I’m really curious! How did "Strangers" go down at the Winter Music Conference?
Unbelievably well. You really don’t know how good your song is until perfect strangers come up to you and give you props. It was very humbling.


You’ve been working with actor/comic rapper Dirt Nasty (aka Simon Rex) haven’t you? I heard you wrote some of the lyrics to his track "Canal Street" too. How did that come about?
I wrote the hook for this song but thought it was more a rap song than a sing song. My dear friend Suga Sherm is friends with Simon Rex so we played him the track and he loved it. Sherm and Simon wrote the verses, Simon recorded them and "Canal St." was born. Simon put the song up on his MySpace and in one month it was played about 40,000 times. As a result of the response, we started performing the song during his sets. We just did two nights at the Roxy in Hollywood on the sunset strip and the crowd loved it.

So tell us about your upcoming album. Are you keeping it on the dance tip or is it going to be more R&B?
It’s more R&B. I couldn’t be more proud of this record. It truly is a piece of me and my life over the past several years.

Which songs should we have on our radar from the album?
“God Damn”, “Side Of The Road” and “Friends” – classic records!

You cite George Michael and Elvis Presley as influences. What traits from each do you think you possess?
Quite simply, I’m a white artist doing black, soul music. That’s what they were to they’re respective generations and that’s what I’m looking forward to being for mine…

Is it true you’re in a film too? You certainly have your hands in a lot of projects!
Yes. – I’m in the film "The Take" with John Leguizamo and Tyreese Gibson. I am also set to star in "Last Hurrah" which is slated to start shooting later this year.

That’s it Christian – thanks so much for answering our questions. Any closing words?
Please visit my website to keep up with everything that’s going on with me.