So I got to chat with the current reigning queen of electronica Róisín Muphy and needless to say, I was pretty excited.  In this interview with EQ, Róisín talks about her recent busking experience, who she would like to get on her "casting couch" and some of the interesting items in her closet.  Personally, I’m thrilled to find out that she kept the gorgeous mirrored dress from the "Sing It Back" video.  Enjoy EQs.

EQ: Hello Róisín – Welcome to EQ.  Our first question is something that we’ve always wondered about since you started promoting "Overpowered".  What reactions did you get from the on-lookers when you did your photo shoots wearing your outrageously fabulous costumes?!
Róisín Murphy:  Actually, I was quite surprised how little the people of London seemed to react, in London I guess they have seen it all before. Or maybe they were just scared and decided to keep out of harms way, which is just as well because had I fallen on anybody in that Victor & Rolf dress I could have killed them!

Having said that, you toned it down a little when you went on a busking adventure in London!  How was that actually?  Did people recognize you or did they think "Oh just another busker on the street?".
I think most of the crowd that gathered did realise it was me, and for a busker I was quite dressed up. Still, I reckon the wide-eyed little girls in the crowd just liked it not knowing who or what I was.

Would you go busking again?
Possibly, It was a nice experience and many people said they were very touched by it, plus I made £65 in 15 minutes, you do the sums!

So tell us about your latest single "You Know Me Better".  What’s the message behind this track?
If you love someone you should tell them, you have nothing to lose. "I believe the friendship can survive, though maybe it wont if we do or we don’t".


Did you have fun filming the new video as well?  We really like it how you play multiple "high-fashioned bored-ladies-at-home" in the clip.  What was the inspiration behind the video?
Inspiration came directly from Cindy Sherman, who I have loved since I was a teenager. It was fun, a very organic process on the day, with nobody really knowing what I was going to come out of my dressing room "as" next.

Forgive us for being a bit humorous – but we are rather fond of your head sculpture couture – so we ask your advice on how to customise the baker boy’s hat we have sitting on the top of the fridge gathering dust…
Feathers and jewels!

One of the standout tracks on your album is your next single "Movie Star".  If you were going to make a movie like you suggest in the song, who would you want to see on your casting couch.
Divine plus David Beckam!

Now that is a casting couch we’d like to see too!  We also heard somewhere that you have been known to visit car boot sales.  Is that true?  And if it is – what have you found to be your most prized purchase from a car boot?
I spent my teenage years dressed from car boot sales, charity shops and jumble sales. I loved sixties clothes, most of which I have lost along the way but I still have one or two pieces like a leopard fur coat that I haven’t worn since Kate Moss nailed that look…


Let’s talk about the album some more.  Are you pleased at how it turned out in the end?  Which tracks are you most fond of?
I am very pleased with it, it was a whole new challenge for me working with lots of people on one record and I am proud to have pulled it off. I think "Overpowered", the title track, is my fave!

How is it different from your last album "Ruby Blue"?
Really different.  Nobody in this whole universe works like Mathew Herbert.

Do you still play old school Moloko tracks at parties?  Do you still have that fabulous dress made of little tiny mirrors in the "Sing It Back" video or did it sell for millons on eBay?
I don’t play my own music at parties really, although I have been known to sing the odd one.  Yes I still have that dress, I’m keeping it for my daughter to play dress up with!

Do you ever see yourself departing from electronic-based music?  Maybe doing something completely different like Goldfrapp just did?
I would never say never, could do an Irish record or something a bit rock??  Who knows.


How was it playing the Fashion Rocks show in London recently with Gucci.  That was the second time you’ve done the Fashion Rocks show wasn’t it?
Yea, twice and both times for strong ladies, Vivienne Westwood and Frida Giannini and I adore them both.  I had a ball, if anyone call pull that sort of thing off, it’s me – for obvious reasons!

When you started making music, did you think fashion was going to play such a huge part in your videos and promo?
I have always loved dressing up, in the mid-nineties I was very out of place for doing so, but that didn’t stop me!

Well thanks Róisín for chatting with us.  Any parting words for the EQ readers?
Stay complicated people!

And so we shall!  Special thanks to EQ reader, Electrowoman for submitting a few questions for our lady in the spotlight today.  Róisín’s latest single "You Know Me Better" is out right now to purchase and if you haven’t spent your money on "Overpowered" yet…well I’m bloody shocked and disappointed.

You Know Me Better