There is SO much going on with new pop sensation Adam Tyler lately and I have to say – it’s all VERY exciting.  Aside from releasing a free download of the stunning piano version of his new single “I Won’t Let You Go”, the HD video was just released in all it’s technicolour glory and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should just stop what you are doing right now and check it out.  Clickety click.

Enjoyed that?  Yeah I thought so.  Well, EQ was there during the filming of the “I Won’t Let You Go” video and with the help of our nifty iPhone, we put together this spiffy little behind-the-scenes montage for all of you which has commentary from Adam himself and the video director Dan Shipton

Want some more?  Of course you do.  Well I might just add that I’ve recently heard Adam Tyler’s new album “Shattered Ice” too which comes out later this year and let me tell you – it’s a fine piece of pop perfection which exceeded my expecations and will most likely end up on my list of top 10 pop albums roundup at the end of the year.  Yes, it’s that good peeps.  We also know that an US club tour is being worked up right now too which will kick off shortly after Adam’s appearance with Kazaky in front of 40,000 gay swedes at Stockholm Pride on August 6th. 

It’s all very exciting.  If you aren’t a fan of Adam Tyler, you aren’t EQ. 

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