New pop crooner (and general hottie) ΔNGELO has just released his exclusive Buffetlibre mashup mix of his track “Time Bomb vs Billie Jean” which features vocals by none other than the late, great Michael JacksonΔNGELO decided to pay tribute to The King Of Pop for his upcoming birthday on August 28th and the results are rather groove-tastic.  When asked about how Michael Jackson influenced his work, this is what ΔNGELO had to say:

Time Bomb captures how I felt the moment I learned he (Michael Jackson) had died. A number of us emptied out into the street in Los Angeles to see if it was true, people were already playing his music mere minutes after the news hit. I spent the next few days working my disbelief out in the form of a song. I felt as if my entire childhood had gone dim, the one vestige of this business that continued to inspire me as an artist – was now a distant spark. The only way I could think of to honor the genius of this man, was through music. I didn’t want to deify him, I wanted to write about my own feelings…lyrically I was moving from 1st person to 3rd person…flowing through the song much like an imaginary conversation with my idol, and ultimately how I was going to work out all my grief on the dance floor.”

Take a listen to the exclusive EQ stream of “Time Bomb vs. Billie Jean” below and to get more familar with the pop stylings of ΔNGELO, make sure you visit his MySpace.  You can also check out the exclusive single artwork after the jump too – Michael Jackson fans will love it….