KCAT (pronounced "cat") is preparing for an assault on the pop world with her hot new track "Boys Don't Cry" which I am absolutely in love with!  The track is a commentary on how men are more in touch with themselves than boys are…and something tells me that KCAT rather prefers her men to the boys…

KCAT is one of the brightest young performers I've seen in a long time and EQ is thrilled to present her to you at EQ Live on Saturday night at Bar Music Hall alongside Temposhark and Loebeat – make sure you don't miss it as it's FREE Entry as well!

Let us know you're coming!

In the meantime, take a listen to the new single below.  You'll love it!

"Boys Don't Cry" – Original Edit

"Boys Dont Cry" – Delio D'Cruz vs Paul Emanuel Extended version