by Raj Rudolph

Dutch pop wunderkid Tao Hypah has given us an exclusive new track to share with you and it's called "Alien". It's a bit of departure from his big American "hands in the air" commercial pop sound that has garnered him buzz with "Screwed", "Celeb" and "Play The Girl", but if you ask me, "Alien" is all sorts of brilliance wrapped up in a futuristic package that encapsulates the pulsing and charasmatic energy that just oozes effortlessley out of Tao. Now is that a run-on sentence or what?! 

Listen to "Alien" right here, right now and luxuriate and revel in it's sheer warmth.

Keep your eye on Tao Hypah, he's hardly begun his pop career, but don't be surprised if you blink and he's all over the place in a single heartbeat.