by Raj Rudolph

There are very few new artists I champion these days, but when it comes to the incredibe pop music that Dutch wunderkid Tao Hypah makes, it's virtually impossible for me to not get more than just a little bit excited.

I was very lucky to score some behind-the-scenes pics from his debut music video for surefire anthem "Play The Girl" which will be debuting right here on EQ in a few weeks and from the looks of these pictures, they aren't doing anything but light the flame of my mega fanboy enthusiasm even more. 

It's looking pretty likely too that "Celeb" will be released as a UK single too in conjunction with "Play The Girl" being the first official single.  For those of you who bought "This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume One" you'll recognize "Celeb" as one of the more punchy tracks on the album – one that you could only get on our debut compilation album with Aztec Records.

If you haven't already, you can download "Celeb" right now worldwide on iTunes from "This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume One" and if you want some more Tao Hypah (we know you do) enjoy some of more of the behind-the-scenes photos from "Play The Girl" in lead up to the music video's debut right here on EQ.  You might, just might like to hear this little preview of "Play The Girl" too right here, right now.

Celeb - This Beat Is POPTRONIK - Volume One