by Peter Wilson

My first review, and I'll start with the no-question cream of the crop – Young Fathers.

Young Fathers consists of members Ally, Kayus and my personal favourite, aptly named, "G".
The guys seriously, and I mean SRSLY, no how to lay down a good tune.  They're mix of rap, pop, dub, electronic, which are all woven into an ecletic piece of effortlessly dirty, grind-on-my-thigh-and-smack-my-pony deliciousness. Fidgety grooves, swirly synths and dry clever vocal samples all spell SUPERPOP to me. They're sweaty-slick single "Fevers Worse" blew my mind when I first listened to it. It really is genius, and you can listen to it and download it for free at their wesbite.

Currently on a long leg of tour dates across pretty much every uni in the UK (including MINE :D), these guys are gonna take overrrrrr. If I ever hear the words "Give me something plastic" in a club, I will hit the floor faster than if someone screamed "GRENADE!".

Catch them on Myspace and follow their dancefloor domination on Twitter and check out what EQ had to say about their last single "Automatic".  GIDDY UP UP!