Press Shot 2 - Young Empires 

Two words EQs. Obsession. Brewing.

Say hello to new UK band Young Empires who have been slowly winning over live audiences in London with their slightly eerie, dark and whimsical disco rock beats.  The first time I heard their track “Glory Of The Night” I was immediately entranced in it’s inviting and tempting euphoric sound.  When you hear their first single “Rain Of Gold” you’ll immediately put them in the same uber cool categorization of Hercules and Love Affair as they got that whole mysterious and too-cool-for-school vibe going on. 

In fact, just spend about five minutes on their MySpace page and you’ll find yourself excitedly clicking on each track and video waiting to discover the depth and musicality that this handsome trio bring to the indie pop music scene. 

Do you like?  I do.  I’m looking forward to spending more time with Young Empires as they continue to spread their genius to the open ears of the UK’s new music lovers, one track at a time.  Watch their little video to “Glory Of The Night” as a starting point.  You’ll be drawn in like I was in no time.