By Mandy Rogers

Australia is certainly shifting the gears into tidy
production units and wide appealing electro indie pop. Following on the crest of a
trend from my recent antipodean indie pop un-earthing of production duo Sun
I’ve become acquainted with another, YesYou.

Pump my kicks up and shake me Foster and the People
delirious, YesYou have captured the very same indie pop amazingness and put it
in a can of dreamy synth fizz.

Brisbane’s Jono Kirkham and Gav Parry steer the production
ship of YesYou inviting guesting vocalists in, keeping their stirring synth
compositions ever evolving and minty fresh.

In run-up to release of their debut EP, YesYou tantalise
with “Frivolous Life” calling in, front man Marcus Azon of Aussie
afrobeat-indie pop outfit Jinja Safari to add that extra je na sais quoi of
vocal ingredient that uplifts “Frivolous Life” from dreamy beat to a track of
stellar prominence.

Frivolous Life (feat. Marcus Azon) - Single - YesYou