By Mandy Rogers

Stooshe might be owning it right about now in fast becoming the nations hot first to name quirk pop collective, but don’t you be thinking for one beat bopping second that others haven’t been busy channelling in their own swagger snazzy girl power to flip around the staid sweet standard girl group formula.

Coming up on the note and quickly too, are Vida, one of the newest and vibrant girl gatherings that we’re straight telling you – what you want to do is, really really want to be knowing about them!

Helped by hitting on the curve of pop by Oritse of JLS together with a crack team of writers / producers – including amongst them MNEK, who aside from his own super funk smooth offerings is fast becoming the newbie’s prime target in youth credibility having only just recently worked some up, with hot on the mark artists A*M*E  and Kay.

Vida, AJ, V.Vee, Jade and Che3kz are about to come at us like the grandkids of Neneh Cherry with their fly street cred wardrobe and bubbly ragga-bumptious take on pop on forthcoming Summer single drop “Boombox” . This debut single garners the instinctive power by it’s hook, to lock into ear worm mode which you shouldn’t be surprised if it grabs at your own vocal chords to join along in singing with this freshly tuned–in break of mould on year 2012 pop. Like the bold sisterhood before them, in Stooshe, and as we all were when the Spice Girls told us what we really, really wanted – we listened, we joined in and we adored them. We expect no difference in this, who knows this might be the start of something Vida Forever! 

Vida seem on mark off it, if you ask us, to being one of the next big things, secured furthermore by having already amassed rosy creditation at the Urban Music Awards  picking up the “Next Urban Superstar” Award and tour supports alongside Chipmunk, Ed Sheeran and we are certain this will only amp up further on their forthcoming Arena Tour with JLS