By Mandy Rogers

We have a lot to thank the advancements in technology for,
especially in an electro pop coloured world, drum machines software and
programming are fantastic tools of musical enhancement for a solo artist or
duo, but for my own preference at it’s most advantageous when not over
used.  For the most part, the majority
of my most favourite pop / electro pop acts fall under the solo or duo category.

When it falls to the wider berth of pop band, I’m a little
bit more choosy as to what constitutes a pop band, for the most part over the
last decade the charts have become littered primarily with boy pop bands, that
croon, sing only and make you swoon or add in slick choreography into the mix.
Well that’s all well good and fine and to a certain extent I enjoy it, but I
grew up with the brand of band that, shock horror actually played their own
instruments, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Ultravox, these are the bands that
gave me my musical kicks.

If you’ve looked out in the pop sphere over the past few
years a full instrument-playing band has more often than not been attributable
to the Indie Pop or Rock genres.  So for
me the resurgence of the instrument playing full pop sounding band is something
that wholly clicks with me. The likes of Lawson are a stellar example and one I
have been championing for, not only because their sound is great but because I
am passionate to see more open use of musical instrument playing skills being
brought back into the chart worthy full pop category.

Time to present you to Venice, a fantastic emerging UK
5-piece band that have scored a fanbase first through their covers of Jessie J
and Katy Perry, to be honest not my first choices to receive pop love but you
know, a way to get noticed especially when your re-make is totally you of sound
and wholly poptastic in full bodied pop flavour.

The Hertfordshire pop ensemble have wasted no time in
putting together a collection of their own original material, self-penned and
totally self-produced, Venice have taken home productions too a high grade from
the get go.  Yes really, the quality and
professionalism of the 6 tracks that form their modestly titled first
collection "VOL 1" are without doubt
bursting with radio friendly appeal already.

Leading with the pop anthem proportionate, epic bigness of
Heart That Could Heal” Venice demonstrate in this introductory collection,
show stealing pop songs of emotion “Hold On”, “City Of Light”,  reflection “Calypso” and chart pop killer
sounds of “Killer In Me” and “Satellites” .

Venice is a band to be future aware of, for sure. You can
make that future now by snapping up their pop accomplished collection "VOL 1" for
absolutely FREE just by visiting their website!  With news of a VOL 2 already in the works for a release in the
very near future and their first live shows about to be undertaken, expect a
slew of recommendations, plaudits and fanfares to be ringing out online and in
reviews in media outlets everywhere.