By Mandy Rogers

There’s no let up, on the female fronted pop movement, the wave of girlicious empowered hipsters, vixens, cuties, sirens and all out lovelies in-between keeps steady pace in breaking a new one out, every quick minute.

Let’s throw caution to the wind on International Woman’s Day and go girl pop crazy some more!

Out to win over all pop tarts hearts by getting us into the groove with their unabashed pop propelled dance ready stomping, that’s as pop curvaceous as their womanly toned up choreography, comes Vanquish.

First up, we’re going to shelve all our normal rap of insight into and journey to here and now, in this instance, being that a short time ago, Poptronik which had previously been touching base out there around the web entangled with it’s sights set on scooping out new pop and electronica had caught onto their impending buzz and had a hot fuss moment about them (see here)

So let’s cut straight to the song “The Harder You LoveVanquishes debut heady pop stomper has pedigree it’s been shaped up by the pen of Ivor Novello Award winning songwriter Jorgen Elofsson whose been penning hits for Kelly Clarkson, Britney  & Leona – no less. The video falls nicely into the tried and tested treatment of smoulder, reel them in with the air grab and godlessly statuesque choreographed category, plus here’s some exciting tour support news! -They are hitting the road with Westlife on their final tour out – cue girl screams, tears, sniffs…etc!

BOOM! As one pop troupe moves out of Pop town another moves in, but that’s pop! and with that, that’s Vanquish too. A new pop prospect for this year uncovered.