By Mandy Rogers

Return to the 80’s, the era of Goth pop’s arrival and with it a brave new world of musically dramatic expression born.

Some of us were not courageous enough to go the whole hog and make it past smearing a thickened layer of black kohl underneath our eyes and slicking our lips with a dressing of scarlet hued lipstick back then – but inside us fluttered a little gothic heart that quickened upon hearing electronic music’s dark synth pop expressional awakening. It was a key point in our lives.

It’s always good for us that lived through it, to hear of a band that are drawn back to the roots of it, ensuring that, that first glimpse into the electronic pop world we know today is not lost under charting bubble pop, but is given it’s own place within a new generation of electronic music discoverers.

Call –up to Toronto, Canada.  More specifically, the duo of Robert Alfons and Austra drummer Maya Postepski, who are presenting themselves as Trust.

Having already music mapped themselves on the Canadian’s and American’s with two previous offerings:  the growling nod of essence to their British forbearers Depeche Mode on “Candy Walls” and dark cyclonic slab of New Order broody vie dance on “Bulbform” . The pairing is in preparation for stepping foot over to London in February and releasing upon us their next heady tenebrous synth rich slice “Sulk” from forthcoming album “TRST”.

Dropping vowels in your album / single title is so vogue this year and not fixed to the music elite! Together with a resurgence of Goth Pop speared headed by our own grown Charli XCX, make what Trust bring to the table even more interesting, exciting and relevant to today.

Trust – Sulk (Single Edit) by Arts & Crafts