All I can say here is – SCREAM!

For those of you who are saying, what the fuck, I know that guy up there…well, chances are, you probably do because his name is Ivri Lider.  He's Israel's biggest music superstar and he's recently decided to sow his wild electronic pop oats and create a mega hot new duo called The Young Professionals.  And this I will tell you, I can't stress this enough – they are totally EQ APPROVED.

I met up with Ivri Lider at his glamorous London hotel a few months ago (get your head out of gutter, we had a coffee in the lobby) and he gleamed excitement in telling me all about his new project called The Young Professionals.  Of course I was all ears, especially when he told me it was going to be electronic pop focused.  And now, you can hear your first taste of the hot new tracks on MySpace.  Pick any track, I dare you – you'll love them.  My favorites are "Dirty Messages", "Fuck Off Berlin" and "With Me".

Need a comparative?  Think Temposhark meets the soul of Coldplay and the lo-fi fabulousness of Robyn.

Visit The Young Professionals on their official website or MySpace for now – a music video is coming soon!