The Royal

By Mandy Rogers / Photo: Dave Puente Photography

Whilst it might not always be ground breaking, I can’t
really put the hammer of critical analysis in on highly addictive pop. If it
possesses the requisites of a good beat and an overall zesty tang of pounding
electro, then it pretty much is deal done in the favourable stakes.

Measure of this comes from newly formed Milwaukee electro
pop act The Royal who are just cutting through online with some encouraging
explosive power pop creations.

Unleashing their ferociously animated, pop rock hybrid sound
on “Freaks” the band have let fly a powerhouse of style that rages every colour
of get up and dance approval from the American teen pop circle. 

Freaks - Freaks - Single

Followed through on their latest single  “Girl Like That”, The Royal earn their Katy Perry
candy stripes of teenage dream gripping pop credibility and inject some tune
tapping goodness into this flourishing genre.  

Girl Like That - Girl Like That - Single