The Limitless

By Mandy Rogers

I have to tell you I’m not so knowledgeable of the music of
Pakistan, Infact, I don’t know the distinction between Bollywood, Desi or
Bhangra beats, even though I’ve been to a Mela or two, which have always proved
to be vibrant and a bolly good day out.

The western influence of hip-hop though has taken root
throughout South Asia over the past decade and its popularity is still growing,
but have I ever had any of it come through to EQ. Not until now!

Meet The Limitless
2 MC’s,  a Rapper and a Music
Producer / Composer from Lahore.

Now, I am always sceptical when I see the words hip-hop
filter through to me, that it’s going to be heavy going in gansta and really
not my cup of tea, but what The Limitless describe as hip-hop turns out to be
more of urban origin than anything and is quite the revelation, since I really
wasn’t expecting this at all.

The overall sound is greatly westernised electro dance and
when heard I wouldn’t think for one minute that you’d guess it originated from
Pakistan, I would never had considered it myself if I hadn’t had the blurb to
go with it!

Let’s start our The Limitless voyage of discovery with
mid-tempo dance number “Runaway”  


Continue with this quite lovely acoustic mashup
of Rihanna’sWe Found Love” and Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling"

Should you require more of the same jam hot beats, you’ll
find a good selection at The Limitless Soundcloud page – Go explore!