Ice Choir web

Utterly amazing.  Meet Ice Choir.  Aside from their brooding and moody styling also come a sound so distinct you would think they were the love children of Pet Shop Boys and Madonna from the early 80's. 

Souring and blissful, dreamy and hypnotic – just take one listen to the free download that is called "Two Rings" and you'll be in 80's electronica heaven – that I can guarantee you.

And this is what the press release has to say about Ice Choir:

"Somewhere, amongst abstract romantic lyricism and pointilized synthesizer pastiche, Ice Choir proposes to you, a most unfavorable 'pop' experience: imaginative songcraft minus the cool factor.  Leaning heavily on the crumbling pillars of 1980’s technopop production aesthetic, this is music that is both distinctly modern in composition and cripplingly esoteric. Waylaying melodies to mislead and seduce. Sentiments both saccharine and surreal."