The Cab

By Mandy Rogers

Are we ready for four not so shabby looking American Mr’s to give us a taste of some American pop? In doubt?  Well if I offer into the equation that Bruno Mars and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine have been amongst those contributing to their debut album “Symphony Solider”, I know a fair proportion of the British female population have just got a little bit warmer and a bit curious.

The band in question are called The Cab and in their homeland they have been doing rather well for themselves in the new and noteworthy stakes. Seeing as Bruno and Maroon 5 are quite beloved chart-wise over here and The Cab’s sound is comparable, especially to that of Maroon 5, they are launching a cross-over to the UK.

Well given that Lawson – mania is the latest coolest boy band sound around popping out on the breakthrough stakes here at the moment, (myself included as a professed member of the Lawson Geese-hood that’s going absolutely quackers for them right now) I can see that The Cab are hitting on trend of Lawson’s infectious pop rocking ditties.

The Cab’s entry for taking the UK by storm is called “Bad”, and it possesses twangy, contagious pop capabilities that could easily send teenage hearts into meltdown and us kidadults too ( *puts hands up*)

The story board of the video is going to make video voyeurs of all of us, flirtaeous texting, getting kit off and generally naughty behaviour, but to be honest the song on it’s own merit is memorable enough without the extra dose of sexting.