This glacial-edgy-pop three piece have arrived from another dimension. Not many bands attempt to combine the power of a six-string and the harshness of some ear-scything synths, yet Talking Pictures have produced the goods. 

Their fused chord-clad indie and the sheer wonky-pop vibes have already made their mark on us at EQ HQ. Think Hockey with the depth of Everything Everything and that’s the similarity of these boys. It’s euphoric choruses that wouldn’t be out of place at a major festival and the restless strumming that the indieboys and indiegirls in the little indieclubs wouldn’t mind beating up their Converse too. 

Their debut single Mirrors is released on 23rd May through Split Records and has already caused a stir within the chasms of the electro underworld; they’ve already broken the glass ceiling. The wistful vocals threading through with inimitable beats reminiscent of gunfire automatically synchronise your brain in to telling the rest of your body that is has to move.  It was produced by one of our all-time faves, Britt Meyers off of Yeasayer and you can see his playful influence throughtout the record. 

Cadaverous in demeanour these fellows maybe, but they simply let their music do the talking and within their own soundscape, they are a master of their world. 

You can check out 'Mirrors' on their official Myspacewww.myspace.com/talkingpicturesuk