Steph Lang

By Mandy Rogers

Canada’s female fronted pop market is a place that is showing steady growth in export of it’s artists into a global reach.  Firmly securing their place at the helm of it Avril Lavigne, Nelly FurtadoDragonette’s Martina Sorbara and electro artist Lights, each showing a divergence of the pop genre that really doesn’t inflict upon a same sounding saturation of their music styles.

Let’s run a new name alongside the top-flight pack.

Stef Lang is causing ripples of excitement over the pond as a promising pop starlet who is already bouncing her all craft encompassing Singer/ Songwriter, Producer pop productions into Canada’s flourishing music market.

The 23 year old, taps into a full pop sound, that is of her own skilful making by bringing together arrangements of key elements in driving synth riffs, accents of soft rock combined with the further pop ingredients of killer hooks and power ballad capable charged vocals, that glow with noticability.

Seeing Stef cutting through the edge of pop stardom is her latest release “Paper Doll” that forms part of her EP release “Fighting Mirrors”.

Paper Doll” paints itself with the full pop recipe, of hook and look, and be won over by “Paper Doll’s” unashamedly infectious pop cheery melody, that could have fallen out of the page of ideas of a high-ranking pop performers notebook.

What is more, pop gem “Paper Doll” including it’s full release “The Fighting Mirrors EP” which also has some other beautiful pop trinkets upon it, are available for FREE DOWNLOAD  via Stef Lang’s website.