Avant-garde pop worshipers meet your newest favourite potent pop making music discovery Salt Ashes.

And special is the word when it comes to this Brighton residing filly who has been sparking some serious interest by first sneaking up an online demo over a year ago.

Representing herself as an elusive entity, Salt Ashes really doesn’t need a hype or a biography fanfare to alert us to how spectacularly impressive her works are, as a host of them have now recently been unveiled upon her Soundcloud.

What they do confirm however, is that she’s not one to hold her eggs in just the one basket and is open to forms of experimentation within her ethereal pop illuminated cosmos.

So positively amazing these all are:

Try “Gold” for a celestial adrenaline rush of Kate Bush / Ellie Goulding presence.

A shade brighter and lighter than Chvrches heavy pulsating synth pop but similarly familiar too.  Jump on board “If You Let Me Go

Look out Queen Of Hearts! Salt Ashes is slipping on your celestially majestic crown and boogying with Little Boots on “L.O.V. Anxiety” from what we hears!

Colour us intrigued some more! One further MUST to check out is the simply sublime cover of Depeche Mode’sBlack Celebration”, re-worked as a soulfully engulfed slice of sparsely constructed dub reverberating dark disco.  It’s haunting presence will leave you covered in gothic goosebumps of vampish excitement.

An excitement that can be fulfilled by collecting this track as a FREE download via Salt Ashes Facebook  Page from March 20th .


[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc3gvao5A9s&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]