Watch out Natalia Kills…there is a hot new and totally relevant electro-pop diva on the block and her name is Ro Danishei.

Ro Danishei's debut album "End Of The Rainbow" will be dropping on New Years Day as a free download and having heard my advance copy, I'm totally on her side in the boxing ring of pop.  Tracks like "Drunk Txt" and "Blackout" are just pop gold with "Unlove Pill" being my personal favorite track in all it's gorgeous computer-beat glory.  

"End Of The Rainbow" can easily be coined "pop gold" well, because it's produced by Shane Drasin and his "pop gold" highness himself – Jadion, the main man behind free download electro-pop superstar Simon Curtis.  

Are we starting to see a trend here with future LA popstars in-the-making releasing their albums for free on the internet?  I hope so, because I love the whole concept and I truly believe that the real talent will win out in the end.  I think if we got Simon Curtis, Andrea Lewis and Ro Danishei on tour, it would be quite the pop extravaganza.

As soon as Ro's album is available for download – we'll let you know, but for now, get more familiar with her on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.