Noonie Bao

By Mandy Rogers

Joining the crop of Swedish visionaries of the alternatively striking ilk steered to notability by the likes of Lykke Li and Beatrice Eli, one might initially term Noonie Bao as a newcomer.

Although, prior to unleashing her sonic visions to the world at large earlier this year, Noonie has worked upon her accomplished foundation by absorbing herself wholly into a musical backbone, that has seen her schooled at Music School in Stockholm, tinkering around a piano store in Switzerland, a spell as assistant at a recording studio in Paris and in turn being snapped up by EMI publishing as songwriter and producer for some of it’s major label female artists.

Given details her grounding, it is no surprise that Noonie has stirred up a diversified sound-platter of new world and culturally embracing dainty pop threaded into her music, that was perhaps not so evident upon her debut “About To Tell” but definitely manifests on this, her second release “Do You Still Care”.

Noonie’s sound may have may have Sweden at it’s roots, but as akin to Gary Barlow’s rousing Commonwealth round-up of cultural musical unity on “SingNoonie Bao’sDo You Still Care” flings it’s arms around in worldly musical enterprise, in a jauntily quirky manner that globetrots through a twinkling topping of Irish sounding folk pipes, and goes on to feed in a rhythmic baseline underpin of a Maori-esque tribal chant, bound together in endearing quirky holistic vocal beauty by Noonie.

With such a reawakening of world sound upon the track “Do You Still Care”, Noonie’s choice of video representation in absorbing herself into a splash of Indian Holi Festival colour triumphantly heralding good over evil and the welcoming of summer is wholly fitting of such a brightly exciting and freshly discovered multi-talented youngster.

Last word on this, nothing but all consumingly gorgeous and definitely one to watch!

Do You Still Care? - Single - Noonie Bao