By Mandy Rogers

NEWSFLASH!  – Now for something quite different from Sweden!

Beneath the disco pop sounds of ABBA, the fembot electro pop of Robyn, and the of soaring dream pop from The Sound Of Arrows, there lurks in the Scandinavian underbelly something that we weren’t quite expecting to hear, electro meets, soul grooves? 

Stockholm producers Andreas Cavaco and Tim Lundblad, have completely shaken up the Swedish rule book of how to make candy pop and taken their Newtimers electronic project down an altogether funkier path.

Take the swagger of Chromeo, the Motown Jazz funk of Stevie Wonder, not forgetting to add in the all important typically Swedish element of bubbling shimmering synths, and you have here ladies and gentleman another recipe of resounding success from the land of “never can do no wrong”.

If your reading eyes can’t quite believe it, let your listening ears hear it out!

Check out below the first track “Falling” from their forthcoming album “Ego” – all glistening and fine and drooling in sexylicious.

Newtimers – Falling by Newtimers