By Mandy Rogers

On the back of the success of One Direction and The Wanted who lead amongst the increasing number of rising British boy bands coming up through the ranks and scoring a place into worldwide notice, let’s turn tables and take a look at Neverest.  The Neverest boys are the next generation of Canadian boy band that are piling on the excitement levels with the Canadians and their neighbouring American folks over the pond.

The handsome foursome, appearingly seem to adhere to the classic boy band formula in cute, smart, sensible and wildcard, so there’s plenty choice on eye candy that importantly fills part requisite of the successful boy band recipe.

If we can steal ourselves away from gazing at them for five minutes, lets turn our attention onto their sound, can they match up and send us into a spin of sound sensation with their soulful pop rock harmonies? Well yes they do actually, it’s all very rousing and harmonized to a glossy, pop sheen of a precision engineered, hit machine making, boy ensemble greatness.

Not surprisingly really that they are doling out the pop goods, they are mentored / managed by Backstreet Boys very own Howie D.

Anyway, for the full dreamy experience tune into “Everything” that’s formed part of their win-over with the Canadians and Americans, maybe they will find their way over here soon with us too?  Please, please! as we’ve sent One Direction and The Wanted on a global journey, an exchange of boy band pop presence is welcome from the rest of the world.