Natascha Bessez

By Mandy Rogers

Actor turns Singer, Singer turns Actor, there are so many artists out there aren’t there that fire their careers off many avenues.  To be successful down one road, is for the most part tricky enough, but it definitely falls upon that outstanding factor of talent by which some are just born blessed, combination of hard work and determination, that could possibly make you a multi success. No hype machine could possibly do that. We believe here we bring you the perfect example of.

Falling into the beautiful, blessed, and uberly gifted categories meet Natascha Bessez who most certainly on first glance should not solely be seen just for her striking model looks!  Natascha began to develop her raw talent at an early age and worked her way up as an Alumi of New York’s LaGuarda High School For Performing Arts. With her journey stopping off via beauty pageants,- a run in the search for the "Next Pussycat Doll" and numerous other television appearances.

It is now that Natascha turns her concentration onto song and she does so with vocal supremacy on her debut effort “Heal”. 

Like her talent, “Heal” sweeps across the board with huge internationally flavoured dance pop appeal, entwining itself upon the scorching latin Summer vibes of Western Europe, whilst Natascha’s vocal seamlessly captures a striking noticeable quality in similarity to that of Swedish dance pop force to be reckoned with Petra Marklund AKA September.

Natascha proves on “Heal” that she has the capability not to only hit our hot spot with this chic dance pop style of sunny sophistication but all hot spots globally too.

Buy “Heal” by Natascha Bessez here and enjoy an added bonus package of an acoustic version of “Heal” together with Exclusive photos from the video shoot by placing a Donation to UNICEF