Oh wow.  The female-fronted electro power bitch group is back and their name is Moneypenny.  It’s quite funny, I was wondering what happened to Marsheaux and Client just yesterday and then all the sudden, Moneypenny was blazingly brought to my attention.  And I’m so glad they exist as I’m literally entranced with all the tunes over on their MySpace – especially the killer beat that is “Cool & The Gang”. 

It’s hard to believe that something this cool could come from Chicago as usually the hot electro acts are born and bred out of New York and London, but these exciting electric dolls have breezed out of the windy city and onto the music blogesphere now so prepare to fall in love with their computer beats, striking style and lovable character.

Check out Moneypenny’s EPK below and make sure to check them out on MySpace.

I likey.  You likey?  Look out for their first single “Say No” dropping soon.