Wow. Just WOW.  

Mandy (Miss EQ Trax herself) deserves a shout out on this one as she's featured the lovely song "Hold On" by Max Gold over on our free download channel EQ Trax today and I have to say, it's one of the BEST discoveries she's found so far.

Max Gold's music is 80's infused heavenly electronica mixed with space-age imagery and an uber-cool yet subtle style that really reminds me of how achingly perfect Tears For Fears were in the day.  I can't quite stop listening to "Hold On" – it's just gorgeous.  

His MySpace demo tracks like "Eat It Up" and "Drive" are rather enjoyable too to say the least. 

Keep an eye on Max Gold everyone – he's one to pay attention to.  You'll be living in electric dreams with this new discovery…