So yesterday I was chatting to my Russian friend and a topic of conversation we usually end of chatting about usually involves the music of Sergey Lazarev and Kazaky.  But yesterday he was telling me all about a brand new Ukraine superstar that is getting Eastern Europe all hot and bothered and of course it piqued my curiosity.  I mean seriously, when haven't I been interested in pop from Eastern Europe as it is of course, the new Sweden.  Anywho, my friend told me to go home and immediately watch "Lost In Love" by dirty popster Max Barskih.

And when I got home and watched the video for "Lost In Love", I nearly dropped my iPad. 

FUCKING HOT.  IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.  I'm sorry Sergey, but I might get as obsessed with Max Barskih as I am with your music.  You seriously have some competition boy!

Anyways – I'm warning you, after you watch "Lost In Love" by Max Barskih, you may just need to take a little breather.  I was on fire…Timberlake and Michael Jackson might even offer an approving nod.