Can you believe this girl is only 15 years-old!  That's insane. 

I don't know, but it seems these days with Justin Beiber and Willow Smith having success at such young ages, all the bright new talents are just going for it and well, you might as well add Marirose to the list. 

Marirose has a voice that will immediately remind you of Rihanna.  She can belt out a tune with heart and soul and her debut "I Want Love" was mistaken for a new Rihanna song that had DJs and fans in a frenzy thinking they had discovered a top secreet RiRi track! 

I think you'll agree Marirose has something special.  I'm quite smitten with her musicality and if you check out some of her songs on Facebook and MySpace (especially check out "Wanna Go Crazy") you'll know that this little girl with the big voice is going to cause some ripples and potentially a big splash in pop music. 

Take a look at Marirose in action and listen to her track "I Want Love" below.