Say hello to Maighréad everyone.  Yes, I find it hard to pronounce her name as well and I hope she'll give me a proper lesson on how to someday - but what you really need to know about her as that she's a blonde bombshell who makes some serious electronic beats that hook you in. 

A good place to start with Maighréad would be her new single "In The Beginning" which also features EQ faves Disco Damage.  In fact "In The Beginning" is so bangin that you might even mistake it for a new Faithless song – which is what I thought immediately when I heard it for the first time.  Serious stuff – edgy and provacative and slightly left-field – definitely a grower, but once you've spent some time with Maighréad and her new single, I think you'll agree she's one to watch.

"In The Beginning" is released on November 8th.  Take a listen to the track on her MySpace.